Vance is a Pokemon Trainer from Litteroot Town and is Darnell's main rival.


Vance made his first appearance in Vance Versus Darnell! where he offered a challenge to battle against Darnell's father and Petalburg's Gym Leader, Norman. But the battle is declined due to neither of them having any Gym badges. Norman suggests they both have a battle and Vance accepts, wanting to test the son of a Gym Leader's strategy.

In the battle, Vance uses his Treecko against Darnell's Mudkip. Due to him having an advantage in type during the battle, he easily defeated Darnell. he then decides to claim him a weak and reckless rival and leaves, saying that he will challenege the Rustboro Gym.


On HandEdit



Vance's Treecko was his first Starter Pokemon acquired from Professor Birch. He was used to battle against Darnell's Mudkip, easily winning with a powerful Pound and Quick Attack combination. Treecko is a fast and powerful Pokemon who is able to bind its foes in any struggle and win in battle by using his quick and agile speed.