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Trent (Japanese:Touya) is the main character of Pokemon Black & White Battle Generation storyline.


Trent is first introduced in PBG001 where he first shows up at Professor Juniper's Lab for his Starter Pokemon. After thinking carefully, he then chooses Oshawott after confronting and befriending it. He then challenges Cheren and Bianca to a battle. In his battle with Bianca, he easily defeats her Tepig despite being their first battle winning their first battle. Cheren starts the battle using his Snivy. Despite their differences, the battle between them ended in a tie.

In PBG002, he was given a PokeDex by Professor Juniper before heading toward Striaton City. Trent decided to challenge the Unova League and wants to defeat the Gym there. At Route 1, he then encounters two men in white clothes who are known to be Team Plasma. They were attacking a wild Patrat and Trent sent out a Pidove and a Zorua which he had caught and defeats them.

In PBG004, he encounters Ghetsis who was preparing for a speech in Accumula Town. When he heard him speak about releasing Pokemon from their trainers, he rushed after them to stop making more speeches. He then encounters N and has a battle with him using three Pokemon. After a long battle in PBG005, his Pidove is defeated by his Rufflet, his Zorua tied with Timburr, and his Oshawott defeats Purrloin, Team Plasma dissapears and N heads off into the sunset.

In PBG006, he had arrived at the Striaton Gym along with Bianca and Cheren. There, they ask for a request to battle them, the Gym Leaders accepted. After Cheren earns the Trio Badge, Trent begins his battle with Cilan while Bianca is against Cress. In PBG007, he and Bianca successfully win against Cilan and Cress, earning themselves Trio badges.


Trent has his Pokemon in a fairly and respected order on the team. Since he already had obtained Snivy first, he helps his team overcome their weaknesses and struggles in either their training or battles.

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Snivy is Trent's main Starter Pokemon acquired from Professor Juniper. He first appeared in PBG001. Snivy is known to be an arrogant and confident Pokemon who is sometimes angered when being picked. He is also a powerful Pokemon who uses his abilities to defeat foes and will also use its agility.



Tranquill is the second Pokemon Trent had caught in the Unova region. He first appeared in PBG002 where it was then captured as a Pidove at Route 1. In battle, he is a fast and persistent Pokemon who is able to take damage from attacks and still keep going.

Tranquill's known moves are Quick Attack, Air Cutter, Double Team, and Aerial Ace.



Zorua is the third Pokemon that was caught by Trent in the Unova region. It first appeared in PBG002 where he was also captured at Route 1. He is a trickster who can disguise itself as anything it can think off because of its main ability Illusion.

Zorua's known moves are Scratch, Faint Attack, Agility, Dark Pulse, and Night Daze.



Excadrill is the fourth Pokemon that was caught by Trent in the Unova region. It first appeared in PBG010 where he had knocked out a wild Pansear from its territory. Despite putting up a fight, he was eventually defeated and captured by Trent.

Excadrill's known moves are Sandstorm, Drill Run, Metal Claw, and Bulldoze.

Gym BadgesEdit

This listing is of badges that Trent has obtained on his journey: