Basic Relations! is the thirteenth chapter in the Pokemon Battle Adventures Black and White storyline.


Finally ready for his second Unova Gym battle with Lenora, Hayden decides to use his Tranquill and Palpitoad since Tranquill has powerful speed and that he promised the Vibration Pokemon he would be used.

Entering the museum's library, Hayden wonders how to find the battlefield. Andrea suggests they read a book first, and Zack tells Hayden that it was Lenora's plan to test him and he accepts. Pulling the book from the shelf, the staircase began to pull away and reveal the entrance to the battlefield below.

At the basement, Hayden finds Lenora waiting for him and sends out her two main Pokemon choices-Watchog and Herdier-and then tells Hayden that she'll be using basic strategy in their 2-on-2 battle. She then tells him that to find out how to beat her she needs to know what strategy Hayden is going to use as the traniers walk toward their respected spots on the battlefield to start the Gym battle.

Starting the battle, Lenora sends out her Herdier first while Hayden sends out his Tranquill. Lenora's Herdier then is sent back in return for Watchog. The Wild Pidgeon easily dodges Hypnosis and goes for a Quick Attack. But Watchog dodges and inflicted him with Crunch. Tranquill tries for a Air Cutter, but is countered by Thunderbolt again, followed by Hyper Fang. But Tranquill still stands, waiting for the right moment and dodges Fire Fang, using a Super Luck-boosted Aerial Ace. But since Watchog was still alive, the Wild Pidgeon uses a high-powered Aerial Ace which colided with Thunderbolt, forcing them both to lose the battle.

Thinking for a while about how to beat Lenora, Hayden sends out his Palpitoad against her Herdier. Using its defensive battle style, he takes hits from Ice Fang and Thunder Fang and reacts with Mud Shot. But Herdier dodges and uses Take Down, knocking him out of the ground. But Palpitoad then used Hyper Voice to keep his opponent on the ground and used Mud Shot. The attack successfully hits Herdier, but Lenora says that Palpitoad has a basic defensive style. Hayden tells Palpitoad to charge with Muddy Water. Lenora commands her Pokemon to use Last Resort. As the two attacks colided, Palpitoad remained in the battle, seeing Herdier fainted, making Hayden the winner.

Outside the Gym, Lenora awards Hayden the Basic Badge, thanks to his Tranquill and Palpitoad's help. She then tells the trio that the next Gym is located in Castelia City, which Hayden promises to train hard there as their journey continues...

Major EventsEdit

  • Hayden defeats Lenora in a Gym battle and earns the Basic Badge.
  • Hayden learns that the Castelia Gym is the next location.