The Triple Threat Battle! is the sixth chapter in the Pokemon Battle Adventures Black and White saga.


After much training at Accumula Town, Hayden, Andrea, and their new companion Zack have arrived at their destination for Hayden's first Unova Gym challenge:Striaton City!

In the town, they could see marketplaces and restaurants filled with buyers and sellers. Hayden is psyched for his upcoming Gym battle and asks Electivire what kind of Gym Leader is it or what type of Pokemon they use. Andrea, however, taunts him about where the Gym is, but Hayden is unsure about it and looks around. Zack then points out that he has been here before and knows where the Gym Leader is.

The trio head toward a yellow restaurant-like building covered by decorations and has an All-You-Can-Eat sign beside the place. Hayden and Andrea are confused about why they are near a restauranr. Just then, Zack walks ahead of them and they followed him into the building. Inside was a room with six tables and two or three different people in each table being served by two people.

Hayden and the others sit at a table where a green-haired man by the name of Cilan asks for what they want and Hayden declines their offers. After much talking around him, he yells out "I'm here for my Striaton City Gym Battle!" Hearing that, Cilan then announces that his challenge is accepted and snaps his fingers. From behind a curtain, there was another room that had an actual battlefield on it. Suddenly, a red spiky-haired man and a blue-haired man appeared with Cilan, all introducing themselves as 'Cilan, Chili, and Cress the Striaton Triplet Gym Leaders!' to Hayden's surprise.

Zack tells them that he met the Striaton Gym Leaders while having lunch with his Blitzle and tells him that he could challenge any of them. When Cilan, Chili, and Cress ask him who he wanted to battle, Hayden suggested he wanted to battle all three of them at the same time...

Major EventsEdit

  • Hayden, Andrea, and Zack arrive at the Striaton Gym.
  • Hayden has a triple battle with the Striaton City Gym Leaders and earns the Trio badge.
  • Team Magma attack the Dreamyard.