The Electric-Type Battle! is the fifth chapter in the Pokemon Battle Adventures Black and White saga.


The chapter continues when Hayden defeats Travis's Dewott with his Palpitoad and wins the battle. Travis then accepts his loss and leaves, saying they'll meet next time. Afterwards, Hayden and Andrea are resting at the POkemon center where they meet a trainer named Zack...

Major EventsEdit

  • Hayden meets a trainer named Zack.
  • Zack joins Hayden and Andrea.


  • Hayden
  • Andrea
  • Travis
  • Zack(debut)


  • Electivire(Hayden's)
  • Zorua(Hilda's)
  • Snivy(Hayden's)
  • Palpitoad(Hayden's)
  • Blitzle(Zack's;debut)
  • Sawk(trainer's)