Battle Training! is the fourth chapter in the Pokemon Battle Adventures Black and White saga.


Hayden, Andrea, and Travis are heading to Striaton City, they come across a small town which Andrea tells them they are at Accumula Town. Wanting to train for their Gym battle at the Striaton Gym, Andrea suggests they head to the "Battle Center" to check it out. There, Andrea explains that each trainer can battle depending on different battle modes and select different battlefields that fit their needs. Seeing a battle where two trainers fight using their Pignite and Servine, Hayden decided to see if he could register. Then, a man named Leone, the referee and owner of the Battle Center, introduces himself and registers both Hayden and Travis, whom are excited to battle each other. The Challenge between the two trainers has begun. Hayden uses his Snivy against a trainer's Oshawott into battle. Andrea tells herself that Snivy will have a good advantage against a Water-type like Oshawott unless he has fast speed. But as their battle started, Hayden's newly-caught Palpitoad comes out, wanting to battle instead of Snivy. Hayden wonders why he did that, and then Electivire uses its two tails to grab the Vibration Pokemon in order for it to stay put. Hayden tells Palpitoad how a real battle is suppose to start! Hayden's Snivy uses Vine Whip, but Oshawott deflects it with its scalchop. Hayden tells Snivy to use Tackle, but the Sea Otter dodges. Travis tells Oshawott to tackle back, but the Grass Snake attacked with a lash-out Vine Whip, hurting Oshawott. Hayden tells Snivy to use Leaf Tornado, but also colides with Water Gun, making the leaf current weaker. Hayden tells Snivy to hang on! Meanwhile at a warehouse near Striaton City, Team Magma talk to a mysterious new leader of their organization. We learn that they need to recieve a new data involving Pokemon Dreams and need that data for a 'special assignment'. But the only location close enough with a widened range is a city called Striaton City. Jerry and Marty agree and begin to move through their plan.

Back at the battle, Snivy defeats the trainer's Oshawott after using Leaf Tornado. The trainer then thanks him for the battle and leaves. Winning the battle, the battle owner then gives Hayden a Xtransciever and gives him a Battle Center Card which he can use to gain Battle Points prior to the battle. Hayden then battles the next trainer using his Palpitoad against another trainer's Woobat as their battle(and Hayden's training for the Striaton Gym) begins!

Major EventsEdit

  • Hayden and Andrea arrive at Accumula Town.
  • Team Magma are assigned to Striaton City.
  • Hayden starst his training at the Battle Center.


  • Hayden
  • Andrea
  • Jerry
  • Marty