A New Adventure!! is the second chapter of the Pokemon Battle Adventures Black and White saga.


Shortly after arriving in the Unova region, Zekrom used a lightningbolt to return Electivire's control of its Motor Drive. Hayden then decides to challenge the Unova League, wanting to see the brand new Pokemon he hasn't seen. Professor Juniper then gives him a PokeDex and then says to go to the Striaton Gym first and reminds him that Cheren already went ahead of him.

The next day at Route 1, Hayden accidentally tells Electivire to use Thunderbolt which electrocuted a girl named Andrea whom also has a Zorua by her side. After their accidental meeting was finished, Hayden then finds a wild Tranquill and battles it with his Electivire. using Thunderbolt over and over again, he fially paralyzed the Wild Pigeon and catches it, his first Unova Pokemon.

Later, Team Magma steal Andrea's Zorua and capture Electivire. using his Tranquill against Jerry's newly-caught Woobat, he managed to weaken it before his Flying-type was also caught. But a wild Snivy used Vine Whip to destroy the cages, freeing their Pokemon and using Leaf Tornado to send them flying away, but Team Magma already disappeared in smoke.

Hayden then thanks the Grass Snake by wondering where it came from. Andrea explains that this Snivy was once owned by a trainer back in Nuvema Town, which makes Hayden wonder why she knew that. She explains that she is the daughter of Professor Juniper, and told him that this male Snivy was released before. Hayden then asks the Grass Snake to join the team. Snivy accepted, but only to battle Hayden's Electivire first...

Major EventsEdit

  • Hayden remains in the Unova region to challenge its Pokemon League.
  • Hayden is given a PokeDex from Professor Juniper.
  • Hayden and arrives at Route 1 where he meets a girl named Andrea and her Zorua.
  • Hayden catches a Tranquill while Jerry catches a Woobat.
  • Andrea is revealed to be the daughter of Professor Juniper.
  • A Snivy that saves the duo's Pokemon joins Hayden's team.


  • Hayden
  • Andrea
  • Jerry (Team Magma)
  • Marty (Team Magma)


Trainer's Pokemon

  • Electivire (Hayden's)
  • Zorua (Hilda's;debut)
  • Tranquill (Hayden's;debut)
  • Snivy (Hayden's;new)
  • Woobat (Jerry's;new)