Hayden's Tranquill
Hakuto's Tranquill
Hayden's Tranquill.

Debuts In:

A New Adventure




Super Luck



Caught at:

Route 1

Evolves In:

Prior to A New Adventure!

Current Location:

At Professor Juniper's Lab

Hayden's Tranquill is the second Pokemon caught by Hayden while in the Unova region.


Hayden first met Tranquill in A New Adventure!, where he was attacking them and stolen Hayden's headband after they atacked a wild Pidove. In the battle, Tranquill dodged their attacks and easily damaged both Hayden's Poke-mon despite Electivire having a type-advantage against Flying-type attacks. Even though hi's strength and stamina was deemed powerful, he felll to Snivy's powerful attacks and Electivire's Thunderbolt, making him fall in battle and becoming captured by Hayden in the process.

In The Echeoed Palpitoad!, he was sent out against a wild rowdy Palpitoad at a swamp between Route 1 and Accumula Town. Even though his powerful attacks harmed the opponent, the Vibration Pokemon defeated him using a very powerful combination of Uproar and Hydro Pump.

In Another Rival Rouser! , he was used in Hayden and Darnell's second battle against Darnell's Panpour. Despite being stronger than his opponent, Panpour manages to knock him out with a powerful Scald attack, losing the battle in the process.

In Basic Relatons!, he was used in Hayden second Gym battle in the Nacrene Gym. He battled against Lenora's Watchog. He easily evaded Hypnosis but couldn't counter its powerful attacks. Despite ts powerful strength, it fell simultaneously with Watchog.

In A Marvelous Duel at the Bug-Lover's Gym!, he was used in Hayden's third Gym battle at the Castelia Gym. He fought against Burgh's Whirlipede for a long while, and after getting poisoned, it manages to knock it out with a Super Luck-boosted Aerial Ace before being defeated by Burgh's Leavanny.

In The Fishing Trainer at a Fishy Contest!, he was shown to have tried to battle a wild Beartic lead by a naughty Vanillite. But since his fast reflexes were becoming a bother to the Ice-type Pokemon, Beartic froze him with Ice Beam and used Rock Smash to knock him out.

In Save the Battle Subway, Part Two!, he was shown to have helped Hayden search for Pokemon in the Battle Subway. Despite his strong searching, he hit his head on the rail, unable to see in the dark. He later teamed up with Hayden's Lampent and newly-evolved Scrafty to defeat Team Magma and succeeded.

In The Beauty of the Nimbasa Gym!, while in Nimbasa City, he was used to fight against Bianca's dad's Fraxure. He fought hard with his Super Luck ability and used his best attacks while learning Razor Wind, knocking out the Dragon-type Pokemon before getting burned.

Known AttacksEdit

Quick Attack+ A New Adventure!
Air Cutter+ A New Adventure!
Double Team A New Adventure!
Aerial Ace+ A New Adventure!
Razor Wind+ The Beauty of the Nimbasa Gym!