Hayden's Gliscor was the sixth Pokemon caught by Hayden while in the Sinnoh region.


Just like Electivire, he first appeared as a Gligar in Flying through Gligar! where he was trying to battle Hayden and his team and also bit on his head. After learning he was weak, Hayden offered a spot on the team and he accepted by biting his head again.

In Here Comes Gligar-Gliscor!, he wanted to evolve, but was unable. Professor Rowan gave Hayden a Razor Fang, but needed to train Gligar hard. Prior to the battle against Team Magma, Gligar evolved into Gliscor via Razor Fang and defeats them with Ice Fang.

He has been used in three of Hayden's Gym battles in Sinnoh. He defeated Byron's Steelix and Bastiodon, Candice's Abomasnow, and Volkner's Lanturn.

In the battle against Shane in the Sinnoh League Tournament Finals, he defeats Shane's Skarmory before falling to his Infernape whom used Mach Punch and Flare Blitz.

After the tournament, it was revealed that Gliscor remained in Sinnoh to train with Elite Four member Bertha, then sent to Norman to train at the Petalburg Gym. In PBW054, he was revealed to have left Petalburg Gym to find Hayden. He is residing at Nuvema Town.

He reunited with Hayden in PBW055 in Nuvema Town where he easily befriended his new teammates except for Lampent(whom used Flamethrower on him by accident). He then battled against Darnell's Fraxure, learning Acrobatics and falling in battle. He then rejoined Hayden's team after that.

Known MovesEdit

Sandstorm Flying through Gligar!
X-Scissor+ Flying through Gligar!
Night Slash Flying through Gligar!
Aerial Ace DPPt081
Ice Fang+ DPPt100
Screech DPPt100
Guillotine DPPt123
Stone Edge+ DPPt168
Acrobatics+ PBW055