Garrett is the first Pokemon:Black & White Journey series main character.


Garrett is considered a Pokemon Trainer who aims to become the #1 Unova Champion who ever lived. Despite this, he is also determined thus lacks in basics while trying to train his Pokemon in different ways. He is also a thick-headed trainer with unorthodoxed basics which are the reason why he is still unable to beat more trainers by their own purposes of battling basics.


He first appeared in his hometown Nuvema Town where he runs toward Professor Juniper's Pokemon Research Lab. There, he bumps into a trainer named Marcus by accident. To his surprise, the trainer is also here for his Starter Pokemon as well. Since Oshawott was already taken by Marcus, he then obtains Tepig, allowing it to battle against Marcus. In their long battle, he loses to the new trainer, allowing himself to aim more stronger by challenging the Unova League.


His team consists of differet memebers with different attributes when in battle.

On HandEdit

Pokemon Information
Hakuto's Poka Tepig is Garrett's Starter Pokemon and main battle partner. He is a strong-willed, but reckless battler who uses his powerful fiery attacks while using its defensive battle style against direct attacks from strong foes.
Dove Pidove is the second Pokemon captured by Garrett during his travels through the Unova region.
Frilli Frillish is the third Pokemon captured by Garrett during his travels through the Unova region.