Dwayne's Snivy is a Pokemon that Dwayne obtained from Professor Juniper.


Snivy first appeared in The Adventure Starts Here! where he was obtained by Dwayne to annoy Oshawott. He later appeared in Battle Tactics! where he battled against Zor and Oshawott at Route 1.He had the better advantage over Water-types. But that changed when Oshawott weakened him with Tail Whip and Water Gun and then defeated after Zor's Night Daze knocked him out.

He reappeared in A Vital Rival Comeback! wher he fought Osha again. He managed to use his attacks including his new Leaf Blade attack, but was tooken down again by Razor Shell which was pwoered up by Torrent.

Known MovesEdit

Tackle The Adventure Starts Here!
Vine Whip Battle Tactics!
Wrap Battle Tactics!
Leaf Tornado Battle Tactics!
Leaf Blade A Vital Rival Comeback!