Dwayne's Frillish is the third Pokemon caught bt Dwane and is one of his team members.


Frillish made an appearance in Battle Tactics! where it was used to help defeat the Braviary and Mandibuzz with Vincent's Pokemon Route 1. He later battled against Zor in their first 3-on-3 battle. He managed to strike against Zor despite Hex not working. Throughout their battle, Frillish tied with Zor.

In A Vital Rival Comeback!, he fought Osha and Zor at Route 3. Despite his type disadvantage against Dark-types, Frillish managed to use his Water Pulse-Cursed Body combo worked on both Pokemon and defeats them due to Zor getting knocked out by Water Pulse and Osha being confused from Water Pulse and fainted from Hex.

Known MovesEdit

Protect Battle Tactics!
BubbleBeam Battle Tactics!
Water Pulse Battle Tactics!
Hex Battle Tactics!