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Cheren' is Hayden's main Black and White rival.


Cheren is described as an anti-social trainer who dislikes poeple's believes of how becoming stronger in Pokemon Battles unlike his own. He rather calls other trainer's Pokemon useless and smirks about how people use their own strategies in battle. He rather have a team of various and powerful Pokemon than weaklings despite type effectiveness. He also has a tough and mysterious battle style which is based on the type of battle he has with an opponent, despite defeating Hayden twice.


Cheren first appeared in A New Adventure! where he chose a Tepig instead of Snivy which angered it even more. he then challenged Hayden to a battle only to have his Tepig defeat Electivire with Flame Charge due to the opponent's Motor drive ability unaccessible.

He reappeared in Another Rival Rouser! where he asked Hayden for a 5-on-5 battle. But since Hayden only had four, he had a 3-on-3 battle with him using his Tepig which had evolved into a Pignite, while having a Tranquill and a male Frillish. His Pignite defeats his Snivy, his Tranquill falls to Hayden's Electivire, and his Frillish ties with Tranquill, making the battle a tie. he then recalls that Electivire has gained mroe effort, but says Tranquill and Snivy are so-called amateurs and leaves.

He appeared again in Trouble at Castelia City! where he used his Joltik and Tranquill to defeat Team Magma who were trying to invade the city. Teaming up with Hayden and his friends, they manage to defeat them as he leaves, saying he already thought of heading to another town.

He appeared again where he was a participant in the Nimbasa Battle Tournament from PBW037-PBW042 where he had conquered the first, second, and semi-final rounds and is set to battle against Hayden in the final round. In their first full battle against Pignite and his Battle Box team, he manages to defeat Hayden, becoming the victor and winner of the tournament.

He reappeared in PBW054 where he was revealed to have obtained five badges including the Bolt Badge. He was revealed to have met Alder the Champion before despite him not remembering him. After having a battle with him and losing, he thought more about his true battle strength and left.

Cheren is set to reappear in PBW079.

Pokemon On HandEdit



Pignite is Cheren's Starter Pokemon. He was obtained from Professor Juniper in Nuvema Town.

As a Tepig, he was obtained by Cheren in Zekrom's Shadow!! where he was then used in Darnell's battle against Hayden's Electivire and won. He was revealed to have evolved prior to Another Rival Rouser! during Cheren's battle with Hayden. He fought against his Snivy and won the battle. He reappeared again in PBW042 where he fought Electivire again and won.

Tranquill Aerial Ace


Tranquill is Cheren's second Pokemon. It appeared in Another Rival Rouser! where it was used in the battle between Darnell and Hayden and fought against his Electivire. It battled well, but fell to the Thunderbolt Pokemon.

Tranquill's only known move is Aerial Ace.



Frillish is Cheren's third Pokemon. He appeared in Another Rival Rouser! where he was used in the battle between Darnell and Hayden and fought against his Tranquill. He managed to take down the Wild Pidgeon after its ability Cursed Body caused its attacks to fail.

Frillish's known moves are Water Pulse, Hex, and Night Shade, and has the ability Cursed Body.



Joltik is Cheren's fourth Pokemon. It first appeared in PBW021 where it was used to battle against Team Magma who were trying to take over Castelia City.

Joltik's known moves are Electroweb, String Shot, Thunderbolt, and Electro Ball.


Fraxure (Japanese:Onondo) first appeared in PBW028 as an Axew during Cheren's battle with Hayden. In the battle, he fought against his Tranquill and lost. Later, it was revealed to have evolved prior to Darnell's dream in PBW055.

Fraxure's known moves are Dual Chop, Dragon Rage, and Dragon Claw.


Solosis first appeared in PBW028 during Cheren's battle with hayden. In the battle, it fought against Hayden's Palpitoad wisely and fell in battle simultaneously with its opponent.

Solosis's known moves are Light Screen, Rollout, Energy Ball, Telekinesis, and Psyshock.


Cheren has obtained these badges in the following: